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what underwear do you wear

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How far would you travel (by car, train, plane, etc.) to meet somebody you are interested in dating?3,36412/28/2018
How many times have you been in love?3,59110/27/2018
What's your favorite read?2,1349/8/2018
Which continent has the sexiest cubs, chubs, bears and chasers?3,1028/9/2018
Where did you have your last sexual experience?3,5666/23/2018
Do you like to play games?3,3835/26/2018
Why did you join BiggerCity?4,3674/8/2018
What type of underwear do you like to wear?4,0902/22/2018
Have you had a date from a man from another country?4,9371/16/2018
Do you believe in open relationships?5,22811/2/2017
How old were you the first time you had sex?3,8389/4/2017
Are you an avid gamer?3,3148/14/2017
How Many Chub / Chaser / Bear Events are you going to attend this year?3,5987/20/2017
Do you feel the city/town that you are currently living in is bear/cub/chub friendly?3,1836/2/2017
What type of underwear do you wear?3,9314/26/2017
What weight range do you find attractive in a chub?4,2683/25/2017
Do you believe in an "open relationship"?4,0212/21/2017
What time is the Best to Be Intimate with your Partner?3,0501/29/2017
How important is penis size to you?5,9041/6/2017
What is the age difference of your current or last partner?4,00410/21/2016
do you swallow sperm?5,6849/18/2016
If you are gay and married, what's the best benefit of marriage?1,4098/6/2016
Underwear, underwear, underwear. What's your favorite style to see him in?4,4727/11/2016
How often do you practice safe sex?3,3566/2/2016
Is being a chaser due to nurture or nature?2,6405/10/2016

what underwear do you wear


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