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Do you prefer your partners to be?

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What kind of photos do you like to see of Big Men/Chubs?2383/17/2015
How vanilla/kinky are you?3,2733/16/2015
What do you consider a long term relationship?3,6182/23/2015
Do you believe that gay men are more likely to cheat than straight men4,0162/3/2015
How long do you last in bed?2,1061/12/2015
What is the biggest thing you look for in a bf canidate?2,8491/6/2015
What type of men in uniform attracts you?2,16712/22/2014
What is the farthest you would travel for a chub/chaser event?1,96812/15/2014
Best first date?3,01112/2/2014
Cut or uncut: are you happy with your status?7,96111/10/2014
On a first date who pays for dinner?3,4109/17/2014
How do you feel about polyamorous relationships?6,7648/28/2014
Underwear Survey7,7296/16/2014
Is age important to you? How close to your own age would you consider for a relationship?6,9065/3/2014
What kind of video games do you play?3,6363/19/2014
At what age did you "come out of the closet"?6,5163/5/2014
Do you watch the Superbowl for the game or for the ads & halftime show?4,0252/10/2014
How important is safe sex to you with a new partner?5,1501/22/2014
Do you believe in love at first sight?7,22412/28/2013
How long has your longest relationship lasted?5,92611/3/2013
what do you perfer: circumcised or uncircumcised men?6,52910/10/2013
Would you relocate to be with someone in a different country if you are in love with them?4,7779/25/2013
How many sexual partners have you had?8,4479/8/2013
Who was your first sexual encounter with?6,6498/10/2013
The worst thing about being single is....3,9617/11/2013

Do you prefer your partners to be?


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