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If you are gay and married, what's the best benefit of marriage?

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Underwear, underwear, underwear. What's your favorite style to see him in?4,4727/11/2016
How often do you practice safe sex?3,3566/2/2016
Is being a chaser due to nurture or nature?2,6405/10/2016
What attribute about a person would you like to know that's not in the profile description?3,5174/10/2016
How do you want to be proposed to?2,7273/11/2016
how long do you wait to have sex with some one you just meet?2,3242/14/2016
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How many Tattoos do you have?3,78512/21/2015
When you are getting dressed for the day what is your underwear choice?3,39312/2/2015
How long do you date until you and your boyfriend move in together?3,02111/13/2015
Favorite Type of Underwear to Wear2,8879/28/2015
What's your preferred position?6,1989/13/2015
What is the most important part of a man for you?5,0348/5/2015
do you belive in falling in love with two person at the same time2,4717/9/2015
What is your favorite style of facial hair?3,2796/26/2015
Open relationships.... they are:3,8076/5/2015
If you are in a relationship with a Chub/Chaser and they lose/gain weight, what would you do?3,7005/3/2015
Do you prefer your partners to be?3,4423/31/2015
What kind of photos do you like to see of Big Men/Chubs?2383/17/2015
How vanilla/kinky are you?3,2733/16/2015
What do you consider a long term relationship?3,6182/23/2015
Do you believe that gay men are more likely to cheat than straight men4,0162/3/2015
How long do you last in bed?2,1061/12/2015
What is the biggest thing you look for in a bf canidate?2,8491/6/2015

If you are gay and married, what's the best benefit of marriage?


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