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12/22/2014 2:49 AMB i g g e r B i t s
Ten Finalists Selected - Cast your Votes!
The top ten finalists for the BIGGER Contest 2014 ha ve been selected based on the total number of stars they received over the course of the contest this year. Their votes have been reset back to zero for the finals round. Be sure to check out the ten finalists and rate their entries . The finalists with the most stars at the end of the contest for each category (Big and Small guy) will win and receive a life-time BiggerCity Premium subscription. The contest ends on December 30th. Don't forget to vote. You can rate ALL entries from 1 to 10 stars.

Finalists Results: (correction: we posted an incorrect tally on 12/17/14 by mistake. This is the correct tally below with the actual votes at the time of the finals switchover on 12/16/14. Apologies for the mix-up!)
Username         Category  Stars Votes
---------------- --------- ----- -----
madchick         Big Guy    2479   267
AtlasBear        Big Guy    2464   266
gwbear           Big Guy    2309   243
ton_of_fun       Big Guy    1568   166
BiigBaloo        Big Guy    1554   169
spontaneousmrd   Small Guy  1880   214
AsturChaser      Small Guy  1699   188
Disaronno        Small Guy  1398   151
chaser4bigbttm   Small Guy  1373   153
ptchaser         Small Guy  1263   142

10 Chubs to Watch in 2014
Who are the big men to keep an eye on in 2015? It’s always hard to guess before the year starts, but we’ve got a few choice guesses including animators, game designers, hackers, and politicians! Did we miss anyone? Let us know!

Emerald City Convergence 2015
Welcome to the Emerald City Convergence 2015 site! We are so excited to be having you make your way down the yellow brick road to the beautiful Pacific Northwest next year with our cooler temps and forward thinking attitudes.

BiggerStar Site Award: BCNchaser
Bear-Chaser from Sitges, Spain.
I like bears, big bears, chubbies, daddy bears, cubs, bellies

Big Men As Heroes
Big Hero 6 is not a movie about chubby guys. It’s an adaptation of a Marvel comic from 1998, and is the story of a teenager, a robot, and their superhero adventures. Were they trying to create some kind of chubby chasing parable?

New Survey
What is the farthest you would travel for a chub/chaser event? Many of us travel from around the globe to meet up with friends and a potential romance!

Bears Of Sanfrancisco
BOSF is registered 501c3 non-profit organization serving the San Francisco Bay Area Bear Community. Formed in 1994 Bears of San Francisco is a non-profit charitable organization. Through our fundraising activities, we have contributed over $500,000 to a number of charities at the local, state, and national level.

Living With The Folks 
After the world-changing economic downturn in 2008, a record number of adult men and women have returned to living with their parents. With widespread unemployment sometimes its the only choice. Here are ten tips to best endure (heck, maybe even enjoy) living with your folks!

Celebrity Spotlight
Reality shows weave the line between scripted television and documentary, and it’s hard to say whether the personalities of the stars match what you’re seen on screen. But, at least, if they’re shown as big hot gay guys on the show, they’re most likely to be big hot gay guys in real life. Unlike most of the Celebrity Spotlight’s we’ve done, these guys are only known for their own role, so we’re just going to round up some of the cutest big guys (gay and straight) who have shown up on reality TV in the past decade!

Casting Call!
Have you ever wanted to star in an adult video? We are looking for men living in, or travelling to the San Francisco bay area to star in one of our videos. We seek guys of all sizes, ages, races, and backgrounds. Please contact us at at models (@) bulkmale (.) com and INCLUDE at least one photo with your email, and your location when responding.

What type of men in uniform attracts you?


Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Birthday!

49, Chub 35,
27, Chub 56, Chub

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