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Andy's Belly Appreciation Party

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 12:38 AM

“The bathroom is all yours, big guy” said Chad. 

Andy forced his eyelids open and rolled out of bed.  Four guys sharing one bathroom requires a morning routine and since Andy has the latest work schedule, he goes last.  He just hoped they left him some hot water for the shower this time. 

Chad is Andy’s boyfriend and they have been together for over two years.  They met their last year of college through a friend and have been inseparable ever since.  About a year ago they decided to live together but couldn’t afford a place by themselves in the city.  Apartments are expensive for two people on entry level salaries.  Luckily, they were able to move in with another couple, William and Steven. 

Andy and Chad are both big guys.  Andy was close to 330lbs when he graduated college and Chad wasn’t far behind.  In the past two years each has put on weight but since the sex was still good neither has ever brought it up as a negative, only the occasional joke.  William and Steven are also big but not nearly as quiet.  In fact, they are both proudly only attracted other big guys.  They happily talk about other guy’s bellies and look up chubby porn, sometimes even showing Andy and Chad.  Andy laughs it off but secretly is very aroused.

Andy sometimes wonders if William and Steven purposely gain weight given how unusually proud they are of their bellies.  They also jokingly flirt with Andy.  Both enjoy making comments or giving Andy a pat on the belly.  Andy tries hard not to show that enjoys it because he’s afraid Chad will think he’s flirting with another guy but the truth is that Andy loves the attention.  He has grown to appreciate his huge size and is even more attracted to Chad as he has put on weight too.  He has quietly added some belly play to their sex life which appears to be well received by Chad but is afraid to openly bring up the subject. 

This fat-friendly environment for the past year has caused all four to put on a few pounds.   William and Steven have each grown.  Andy knows this because each talks about it often.  Steven keeps updating the group as he gets close to 400 while William is about 440.  Andy knows that Chad was has quietly grown to about 350lbs which he secretly finds incredibly attractive.  He loves the way Chad wears his weight. 

Andy stumbles into the bathroom and lets out a yawn.  With his eyes still half closed he reaches out for his toothbrush.  Only…. he can’t reach it.  His hand stops short of touching anything.  What is going on?  He fully opens his eyes and looks down.  In amazement, realizes his belly is hitting the edge of the counter and preventing him from leaning in!!


Andy’s belly usually hits the counter but as he leans it would just slide across the top.  This is new.  It has grown so big that instead of resting on the counter it just acts as a bumper.  Andy knows should be disgusted or embarrassed but he’s not.  In fact, he’s a little turned on.  Andy closes his eyes and places his hands on his belly.  He slowly runs his hands down the sides until both hands are cupping his overhang.  He slowly lifts up and sets his belly on top of the counter.  It now slightly hangs into the bowl of the sink.

Andy pauses for a moment to enjoy this new feeling.  I wonder, he thinks.  Andy slides his belly off the counter and waddles over to the scale.  Stepping on top he takes a deep breath and looks down.  402!!!  Holy shit, thinks Andy. He's never been over 400 before!!

He walks back over in front of the sink and plops his belly back on the counter. He spends the next five minutes just staring at himself in the mirror.  His admiration slowly grows and he suddenly realizes he has an erection. Andy grabs a bottle of lotion from the drawer and begins to massage his gut.  Spreading the lotion over his huge belly, plump love handles and up over his big chest.  His left hand then travels down his belly and a finger slides into his belly button.  Hmmmm, moans Andy.   He grabs some more lotion and shoves in another finger.  Ohhhhh!!  Andy began to move his fingers in and out of his navel.  His other hand he begins to squeeze the bottom of his belly as it hangs over the bathroom counter.  His left hand picks up speed as he continues to finger fuck is belly button.  His whole body began to shake.  His right hand lets go of his belly and grabs his cock.  With one hand in his belly button and the other holding his cock, Andy moans and shakes until he finally shoots a load all over the mirror and sink.  Wow, he thought, feeling very proud of himself. Scooping up his cum off the sink, Andy gives it one rub around his belly before jumping into the shower.


“What took you so long?”, asks William as Andy walks into the kitchen.  “Did you decided to give yourself a little morning tug?”

Did he know or was he joking? Andy could feel his face turning red so he quickly changed the subject.  “Haha no, but….umm… something happened.” They all paused and looked up at him.  “I stepped on the scale and…”

Now he had the complete attention of all three.  “And what?” asks Chad.


“You bitch!!!” yells Steven with a huge smile.  “You hit 400 before me! Haha”

“Way to go Andy!!” says William.  “Welcome to the club”  William walks over and gives Andy a nice big pat on the belly.  “Ohhh….so nice and jiggly.  I’ve been noticing your belly hangs out below some of your shirts.  You’ve built yourself quite a body there”

“Can I touch?” jokes Steven running over.  With one hand he pulls up Andy’s shirt and with the other gives it a good squeeze “Damn Andy.  Nicely done!!  How do you like it?”

“Hehe thanks guys.  I’ll be honest, I kind of like it.  Feeling big is kind of empowering.”

“Damn straight”, says William while patting his own 440 pound belly. 

Andy’s pleasure quickly faded when he realized that Chad, Andy’s boyfriend, had remained quiet this whole time.  Andy turns around to find Chad staring straight at him with his mouth partially open. 

“Hey Chad.  You’re awfully quiet.  I hope you’re not mad”, says Andy nervously.

“Umm….what?…no.  I just….I’ve never heard about you talk about your weight or belly like that before.  It’s…’s really hot”, says Chad.

“Really?” squeaks Andy

“Yeah, I’ve really enjoyed how you’re body has changed lately but I didn’t want to say anything because I thought you’d think I was weird or something” said Chad mildly blushing.

“Ha!” says Andy.  “I was going to say the same about you”

“Sorry to interject in our little chubfest but we’re all late for work.  How about this?  Today is Friday so let’s throw a party tonight to celebrate our little Andy’s milestone”, suggests William.  “Steven and I will take care of everything.”


Andy couldn’t believe what had just happened.  I’m over 400 pounds AND Chad likes my belly?? He found that couldn’t concentrate at work.  He sat at his desk and when no one was looking would reach down and rub his ever growing belly.  He loved how huge it felt.  How it oozed down between his legs. How it extended out on his lap ending just before his knees.  How his shirt became extra tight and the buttons started to stretch. He loved how his love handles pushed against the arms of his chair. 

With one hand Andy lifted up his belly.  He slid his other hand deep into his lap and released.  His belly oozed back onto his lap completely engulfing the hand on his upper thigh.  With his free hand he started to rub his belly button through his shirt.  Instantly, his cock became hard again.  He began to imagine Chad rubbing is belling and shoving fingers in his navel.  Andy’s cock began to throb.  He couldn’t take it anymore.  Andy looked around and saw his coworkers were all busy.  He quickly darted to the bathroom and jerked off in the stall.


6:00pm couldn’t come soon enough.  Andy was always anxious at the end of the day because he is normally the last one to get home but today he had extra reason to hurry back.  A party to honor my belly? Andy thought as he drove home.  Even with his car seat all the way back his belly now rubs slightly against the steering wheel.  The whole premise of a party sounded ridiculous but he still felt a sense of pride.  Three other guys including my partner like my belly, he thought, I wonder how many other people would too?

Andy walked through the door to their house and into a beautiful scene.  Their kitchen was filled with food!!  Pizzas, beer, lasagna, wings, tequila, cake, donuts and chips.  “Wow”, exclaimed Andy, “this is a party.”

“Welcome back stud,” yelled Chad.  “I’m glad you like it. I just hope you’re willing to share some of this food with the rest of us.”

“Deal”, said Andy grinning.

“Enough chatting boys.  Let’s dig in” said William

For the next two hours the four of them ate, drank and swapped stories.  Constantly laughing and making jokes about their size, it was one of the best meals Andy had ever experienced.  Each told stories of how their weigh had made for embarrassing situations or talk about the stares they would receive from obvious chasers they encountered in public.  The more beer and tequila they drank the more risqué the stores became.  Andy loved everyone’s openness and it seemed to bring the four of them even closer.

“Wow guys, thanks.  Not only do I have a good buzz going but I’m so stuffed I probably put on another 10 pounds tonight” joked Andy.

“Lucky!!” joked Steven and everyone laughed.

“Save some for me,” said Chad.  “I’m the little one of the group.  As my boyfriend, it’s your job to help me catch up.”

Did Chad just suggest that he wants me to feed him? The thought of Chad with another 50 pounds made Andy instantly hard. 

“How big are you?” asked William.

“About 360” said Chad.  “But I wouldn’t mind being your size.”

“In that case,” Steven joked “you get the last slice of pizza!”  Everyone let out another laugh.  Andy tried  to bring Chad the slice of pizza.  The full affect of the alcohol didn’t hit him until he stood up.  He tried to step forward but he staggered and the pizza slid off the plate right on to his shirt. 

“Looks like you ruined that shirt,” said William.  “you better take it off.”

“Ohhhh…..definitely” Steven replied. “On this important milestone you deserve to show us all your hot new belly.”

“Haha are you guys serious?” asked Andy. “You want me to strip?”

“I think that’s an excellent idea” said Steven.

“Haha ummm……no. Sorry guys, I’m still a little modest” blushed Andy.  He looked over to Chad hoping that he would back him up.

“Here you go, babay.  This will help” said Chad as he poured a tequila shot.  “Now get up there and show them why I’m dating you.”

Andy paused and looked at his grinning boyfriend.  “Well…if you’re ok with it.”  Andy stood up, downed the shot and walked to the middle of the living room.  The other three hurried behind to get good seating.  The shots were kicking in and Andy decided that if they wanted to see his belly then he’d give them a real show.

Andy began to rub his belly through his shirt.  He moved his hands from his chest, down his curvy sides to under his belly.  Giving it a nice lift, he picked his belly up and let if fall back down.  The group cheered.   Andy grinned and unbuckled his pants.  They fell to his ankles leaving him in just a t-shirt and boxer briefs.

“Fucking hot” cheered William.

Andy didn’t need any more encouragement.  He whipped his shirt off, exposing his belly for all to see.  All three guys were speechless.  Andy smiled knowing that he was doing a good job.  He laid down on the floor rolled onto his back.  Grabbing the sides of his belly he pushed it together.  It ballooned up above him forming a small mountain of fat.  Pushing on the sides he made the whole thing slosh back and forth.  After a minute of good jiggling, he slowly began to run his hands up and down his torso.  As he slid his hand down the front of his belly he accidentally hit his belly button which caused him to instinctively shove a few fingers in.  He let out a small moan. 

“Wow” said Chad.

Andy didn’t even notice.  The sensation from his navel felt too good.  He began to get lost in his own little world.  Prodding and poking, he played with his navel for a good thirty seconds before he realized it had caused him to get an erection in plain view of everyone.  Oh shit!!! Snapping back to reality he quickly tried to cover up but it was too late.  All three guys had watched him finger fuck his stomach and pitch a massive tent in his underwear.  He looked over and they were staring at him in complete silence.

“Oh my god!” yelped Andy “I…um…..sorry……I got a little carried away” he could feel his face turn bright red.  Getting up quickly, he started to leave the room but Chad stopped him. 

“Andy” he said softly. “We’ve been dating two years and that is hands down the hottest thing I’ve ever seen you do.”

“Really?” Andy replied.

“Andy”, said Steven “I think I speak for all of us when I say you aren’t the only one with a hard on right now.  Look!”  Steven pointed at Chad who had an obvious bulge in his pants.  “And I do too” said Steven laughing. 

“See!! Everyone is into it so you have to keep going” joked William.

“Yes.  Definitely!!” said Steven.

Andy blushed. He has always fantasized about the four of them playing and the fact that they seemed to be attracted to him was a huge turn on.  He was worried about what Chad would say.  Their relationship has always been ambiguous around the subject of playing with others.  He looked over to Chad and gave him the look showing he needed some help. 

“Don’t look at me hehe” said Chad. “I’m with these guys.  I kind of want to see you finish the show.  We’re all friends here and those two are obviously big fans.”

“Ummm……ok” choked Andy.  “I just feel a little weird up there by myself now.”

“Maybe Chad can help you” said Steven quickly.  “Isn’t that what boyfriends are for?”

“Haha sure,” said Chad.  “Lay on the floor, Andy.”

So Andy, still wearing just his underwear, laid back on the floor.  Chad knelt down next to him and began to kiss him softly and with one hand rub his nipple.  Chad then picked Andy’s shirt off the ground and placed it over his face so Andy couldn’t see. 

Andy felt Chad begin to rub his belly with one hand and slowly fingering his belly button with the other.  Andy let out a small moan.  Next he felt Chad’s tongue enter his navel.  That did it!! Andy was back to a full erection and moaning slightly louder.  Chad’s tongue kept circling the hole and pushing in deeper.  It felt like nothing he had ever experienced.

“Wow, that’s hot,” said Chad.

Wait a minute!! Andy gasps in the realization of what is happening.  Chad can’t be talking and tonguing my belly at the same time.  Who the HELL is that?

  Andy tried to reach up to remove his shirt covering his eyes when he felt a hand stop him.

“Oh no,” said Chad.  “You keep that on for now”

He could now feel at least 4 or 5 hands rubbing up and down is belly.  They were squeezing love handles, his chest, tweaking his nipples and sloshing his belly back and forth.  Most importantly, they kept going at his navel.  He felt a finger thrust into his bellybutton and he let out another moan.  He knew he had a major erection right now and having the blindfold only turned him on more. 

One of the hands began to caress the underside of his belly.  Whoever’s forearm it was kept bumping into the top of his cock.  Andy moaned again.  Encouraged, the hand slid down from his belly fold and started stroking his cock through his underwear.  Andy moaned even louder.  That must have sealed the deal because he felt his underwear get ripped off.  Only, his cock didn’t stay exposed for long because he quickly felt it get enveloped by a warm mouth.

MMMmmmmmmm……..Andy was in heaven.  This chubby boy was now blindfolded, his belly being rubbed, two fingers were prodding his navel and a warm mouth was slowly giving him an amazing blow job.  It was almost too much.  He tried to open his mouth to let out another moan but quickly found it filled with someone’s cock.  The salty taste of warm precum filled his mouth and it put Andy over the top.  He was about to cum.  Andy’s body started shaking as he shot stream after stream of hot cum into whosever mouth was wrapped around his cock. 

“Oh my god!!” screamed Andy as he finished.  The blindfold was pulled off and he looked down to see William licking up the last of his load.  Standing over him was Steven eagerly awaiting Andy to continue sucking.  But where was Chad?

“Wow!! That was hot” Andy looked over and saw a naked Chad sitting on the sofa stroking his cock.  He had happily sat there while his two roommates pleasured and used his boyfriend.  “This isn’t over yet” Chad said.  He stood up and walked into the bedroom.  A few seconds later he returned holding a bottle of lube. 

“So your belly has grown, eh?” said Chad.  “Tell me, does it rub against the floor when you get on all fours?”

Andy didn’t need to be asked twice.  He flipped over and got down on all fours.  Wow, my belly does rub the floor, he thought.  Steven repositioned in front of him and Andy happily resumed sucking his cock.  Chad and William both stood up and disappeared behind Andy.  He felt a hand grab each ass cheek and spread.  A warm sensation filled his hole as he realized one of the two was rimming him.  Andy instinctively arched his back and slowly began gyrating his hips.  He felt two hands on each cheek as his ass was spread further apart.  This made whoever’s tongue was in him go in even further.

The rimming continued for several minutes.  He felt the William and Chad alternate on his ass until Andy was hard again.  Steven had edged a few times while Andy continued to blow him but luckily had not shot his load yet. 

Suddenly, Andy felt his hole get cold.  What the….oh my god that’s lube!!  This only meant one thing. 

 “Who’s first?” asks William to Chad.

“Well,” said Chad. “If tonight is all about respect for the belly then the guy with the biggest has first dibs.  That would be you”

 Andy tried to say something but Steven grabbed the back of his head and forced it down further onto his cock.  William positioned himself behind Andy, lifted up his big belly and set it down on top of Andy’s ass.  This lined William’s cock up perfectly with his hole.  Grabbing Andy’s love handles, William slowly pushed in.  William’s cock eased into him and he felt his balls hit the back of his ass. 

Andy was in heaven.  He had never taken a cock from both ends before.  The weight of William’s belly on his back was intoxicating.  It sat there on the top of Andy’s ass.  Even as William thrust back and forth, his belly stayed resting on Andy’s back.   

William let out a long moan and Andy knew his load wouldn’t be far behind.  William’s pounding became harder and harder until finally started to cum.  “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!”, he screamed.  Succumbing to the ecstasy and exhaustion, he collapsed forward on top of Andy, pinning him down while pumping stream after stream of hot cum into his hot bubble ass. 

“Holy fuck”, said William. “That was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had!!”

“My turn”, giggle Steven.  He pulled his cock out of Andy’s mouth.  “Roll over big guy.  I like missionary”

Andy rolled onto his back and felt a stream of William’s cum run down his leg.  Steven must have noticed it too because he gathered it up with is finger and rubbed it on his cock.  “This makes the best lube” he said with a grin.

“Need some help holding his legs back?” asked Chad.  Not waiting for Steven response, Chad lifted Andy’s legs into the air, giving Steven perfect access.  Steven had to lift his belly a bit but once his cock found Andy’s lubed hole it slid right in.  Steven fucked Andy for a few minutes but since he had been edged a few times from the blow job, he didn’t last long.  Andy could feel his cock begin to swell.

“Uggghh…I’m going to cum,” blurted Steven.

Andy could feel each squirt hit the inside of his ass as Steven released a massive load.  He slowly pulled out and looked down.  A few more drips of cum leaked out of Andy’s ass.  Instead of pushing them back in with his finger, he knelt down and gave them a quick lick. 

“Now it’s my turn to fuck my boyfriend” said Chad.  “Steven, will you help hold his legs back?”

“Gladly”, replies Steven.

Andy stays laying on his back while those two switch positions.  Steven pulls back Andy’s legs and Chad positions himself on top and slides his cock in.  Andy’s cock is back to full erection.  Chad reaches down and begins to jerk Andy off while he fucks him. 

“I want to see you cum a second time” says Chad to Andy.  “This night is about you”

“I think I know how to make sure of that!” says William.  He runs his hand over Andy’s belly and shoves two fingers into his navel. Andy lets out a loud moan. 

“Whoa”, says Chad.  “I can feel your cock getting even harder!”

Andy knew he couldn’t take much more of this.  Not only was Chad jerking him off while he was fucking him but now a 440lbs hottie was fingering his bellybutton too?  Andy could feel a cumshot building.  He held it back for as long as possible but eventually the pressure became too great.  Andy arched his back and began to shoot.

The first shot flew all the way across Andy and hit him in the face.  The next few shots covered his chest and ran down the sides of his belly.  “Oh fuck, that’s going to do it for me too”, yelled Chad.  Grabbing Andy’s cum soaked belly he pushed his cock in even further and unleashed his full load.  Stream after stream filled Andy as Chad moaned in ecstasy.  Andy tightened his ass as Chad pulled out, ensuring every drop was saved. 

Andy couldn’t believe it.  He had cum twice and the other three had all left loads in his ass.  Andy suddenly had a new found respect for the power his belly had over other guys.