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Rest Area Hookup

Saturday, November 21, 2009 4:31 PM

It was a mild summer evening and I was horny as usual but not having much luck in finding a partner. I called my usual fuck buddies but they were either busy or out of town. I was about to give up and spend the evening jacking off to porn videos when I thought about cruising a Rest Area on the interstate.  I use to cruise them regularly but the State Police had cracked down about a year ago and it was very risky. Plus, you never know what crazies you may run into.  Unfortunately for me, when I get horny my common sense goes out the window. Plus the risk only makes the sex more hot and exciting.

I changed into my cruising cloths. A pair of tight cut off jeans, a mesh tee shirt, and my "lucky " jock strap. I greased up with some silicon lube because you never know what opportunities would present themselves.  I stopped at a 7-11 and purchased a couple of bags of chips, a couple of candy bars, and some bottled water.

It took me around 45 minutes to get there. The rest stop was located on a major interstate highway that ran the length of the state.  There was always a lot of 18 Wheelers on the highway. I had good luck in the past with hooking up with horny truckers who wanted a quick blowjob or wanted to pump a willing ass in the cab of their rig. I sat down at a picnic table near to where the big rigs parked. I spread my chips, water, and candy bars on the table so if the Police rode by, they would think I was just another weary traveler resting and having a snack.

I sat there for about an hour smoking cigarettes and munching on chips with no results. A few truckers had passed by but did not show any interest. I decided to give up in half and hour  and call it a night if things did not improve. I was watching a couple of guys standing by their rigs when an old ford pick-up towing a trailer pulled in a couple space down from me.  The pick-up had a rusty camper shell on it and the trailer had various furniture and appliances packed on it.  Two Hispanic guys got out of the truck and one was carrying a grocery bag. They sat down at a table near me and pulled out a couple of six packs and started drinking. I did not pay them much attention and went back to scanning the parking lot. 

For some reason I looked over at the two guy at the other table. One looked to be in his early twenties and the other guy appeared to be around my age. Both men were fit but the older one did have a big beer gut.  They were both smiling and looking at me. The younger one was rubbing his crouch. The older picked up a beer and motioned for me to come over. I picked up my chips and went over and sat between them.  I don't speak Spanish and their English was not great but I was able to understand the older one was named Joe and the younger one was Raymond and they were on their way to someplace in Maryland. We sat there drinking beer, eating chips and smoking when Joe started rubbing my thigh. I moved my leg closer to him so he could reach my crouch. Joe said something to Raymond and pointed toward their truck. The three of us got up and walked to the back of the camper.

Joe opened the door and climbed in. The only light was from the street light shinning through two small windows at the top of the camper. The camper was hot and stuffy with sweaty smelling cloths on the floor and benches. By the time I got in Joe had his pants down and was jacking his thick cock. I got down on my hands and knees and took his cock into my mouth. His crouch had a sweaty, musty, piss odor but I got use to it and sucked his cock and balls until he started  moaning. Raymond had my shorts down and was probing my ass with his cock. When he found my ass hole he rammed his cock full force up to the hilt. I screamed curses until the pain subsided. This boy was fucking me like this was the first ass he had in a long time. Joe grabbed my head and pulled my head back down on his cock.  All three of us were sweaty and groaning. After a few minutes I really started to enjoy the feel of Raymond's stiff young cock pounding my ass. This boy could fuck! I was shifting my ass so Raymond could go deeper inside me and I could feel my cock getting harder.

Apparently Joe felt he was not getting his fair share of the fun. He grab me, pulled his cock out of my mouth and twisted me around so he would have access to my ass. The floor was wet from our sweat and I slipped a couple of times.  Joe started fucking me and although his cock was thicker, it was not as long or as stiff as Raymond's.  Raymond's cock was now staring me in the face. I could tell by the way his cock was throbbing that I was going to get a cum load in the face real soon. I grabbed his cock with one hand and his balls with the other a gave them both a good squeeze. The cum shot out of his cock like a high pressure hose. I swallowed as much cum as I could. I had Raymond's cum all over my face, in my mouth and up my nose.  I kept sucking his cock until I had every last cum drop and he pulled it out of my mouth.  I could feel Joe stiffen as he shot his cum load up my ass.  We all just fell into a heap of sweaty bodies for a few minutes. I pulled myself up and crawled on top of Raymond. I pulled my cock out and shot my cum load on his face. He did not seem to mind.

I pulled up my pants and wiped my face on a piece of clothing I found. Somehow I made it out the door into the cool night air. Thankfully, there was no one around because I know I looked like the cum slut from hell. I went back to my table and drank the bottles water.  Joe and Raymond came out of the camper, got into the front of the pick-up and drove off. No backward glance or goodbyes. A few minutes later I got into my car and drove home. Damn, this had been a great evening after all.