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Introductions to Man Sex

Saturday, October 31, 2009 12:21 PM

I was a shy, reserved, fat, do-gooder.  I always tried to make everyone else happy.  But I was miserable.  I was an adult male, in my early 30's, single, never dated, never wanted to and didn't know why.  I was lonely.  Everyone around me, had friends, was married  or getting married.  I always kept to myself and tried to do the right things.  How pathetic was that.  I knew at an early age I was different, I felt it inside, but didn't know what it meant.  So I was the fat, friendly, funny relative and friend who was invited last to any party being held.  That was Okay with me, since I would sit off by myselft observing the crowd.

First time cock sucker

Well, let me tell you my life changed drastically, quite by accident.  I had to attend a work-related function, mandatory attendance.  I volunteered to drive and had several passengers to drop off after the event.  The event was held at the horse race track in the next county.  We had a great dinner and drinks were free.  I was the designated driver, so I tried to be good.  I did have 2 black russians (my favorite).  It was nearing 11 pm when we left the race track, meaning I wouldn't get home until at least 2 am. 

I dropped off my last passenger and got on the interstate and headed home.  Driving was difficult, it was so dark and I had to pee.  Finally, I saw the sign for the rest area one mile.  Thank you Jesus!  I couldn't hold it much longer.  I pulled into the lot, trying to read the signs, cars this way, trucks this way.  I parked, jumped out of the car and high tailed it into the men's room.  When I opened the door, it made a high pitch scratching noise.   I turned the corner and saw a row of urnials, and every one was in use.  I ran back to the stalls and one was free.  I yanked down my pants and underwear and sat down and the flood gates opened.  I must have pissed for 5 minutes.  It felt so good.  I started to look around the stall.  It was covered with messages, the likes I had never seen before.  "For BJ call.....", pictures of dicks and balls shooting loads.  I read every message there.  It was like reading a great novel, I couldn't stop.  I wanted to read all the stall walls.  I waited until everyone had left, and I pulled up my pants and went to the next stall.  The walls were the same, messages everywhere.  I went from stall to stall.  The last stall I went in had a peep hole that looked directly at the urinals.  I locked the stall door, sat down and played with myself.  I had never felt this excited before.  It wasn't long before I heard the door screach and I put my eye to the peep hole to see who was coming in.  I could see jean-covered legs, as they drew closer, I saw a zipper being lowered and my first uncut cock pulled out.  I watched the hand pull the skin back and forth and the pee started to flow into the urinal.   I was so hard, I knew if I touched myself, I would blow my load right there.   I kept watching through the peep hole.  I was really enjoying this show.  When the pee stoped flowing, the hand kept pulling the skin back and forth over the dick head, and it looked like it was getting hard.  I must have gasped because the man turned to the hole and started jacking off.  I sat upright, scared to death.  I thought this man was going to break down my door and beat me to death.   After I calmed down I looked back through the hole, and all I could see what this long hard dick.  The man walked around to the front of my stall and looked through the crack.  Hey kid, he said, open your door, and help me out with this, I know you want it.   I was shocked, I had never down anything like this.  Sure I secretly bought and read gay books, but I had never acted on it before.

On the job training

I was shaking.  It's 1:30 am in the morning, I'm in a rest area men's room and some guy wants me to suck his dick.  What do I do?  Well, it didn't take long for me to unlock the door.  When I did, I looked up and saw this six foot four, 300 pound truck driver with a hard cock hanging out of his zipper, begging me to suck his dick.  I had never sucked a dick before.  I didn't know where to start.  THe driver stepped into the stall, the smell was terrific.  I closed my eyes, reached up, wrapped my fingers around his hard cock and started jacking him off.  He was moaning loud, saying "suck it, suck it" hurry before I shoot.  Well, somehow my lips opened, the tip of my tongue was licking his piss slit and slid under his foreskin.  I lost it, and took his cock head into my mouth.  It was so hard, hot and soft at the same time.  I started sucking the head and worked the staff down my throat, choking a little, but somehow I mananged to deep throat him, over and over again until his legs starting to shake and he sor tof collapsed on me and my mouth was filled with cum.  That was my first taste of cum.  There was so much that the cum was running out the corners of my mouth.  I wouldn't let him pull his cock out of my mouth.  I wanted my first blow job to last forever.  When he did pull out, he thanked me and said he had never had a blow job like that before.  He zipped up and took off.  When I looked down, I was covered with my own cum.  In all the excitement, I came without touching myself.

Good to the last drop!

Well, let me tell you, after my first rest area experience, I made a lot of trips down the interstate and hit the rest areas on both sides of the road.  I learned there are a lot of horney men out there that like to have their dicks sucked.  I also started visiting the adult book stores and found there are also a lot of suits that like to get off before they go home to the wife.