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Naughty Bear Sauna #2

Saturday, July 11, 2009 1:06 PM

One of the best overall sauna experiences I have is on cruises – the longer the cruise, the better chances of some naughtiness.  This is just one story from one of those cruises.

I was surprised and impressed when I first entered the men’s locker room.  It was almost assuredly designed by a gay man, as there were many opportunities to look at men discreetly, but at the same time, enough privacy to have fun without too much bother.

I enter the sauna, and notice that it’s set up with two sets of three rows of benches facing each other, almost like stadium seating for a performance.  A performance, as I soon found out, would be one of many on my two-week transatlantic journey.

I place a towel on the warm cedar bench, and I let the heat of the sauna envelop my body.  As in most places, the sound of relaxing spa music was piped in.  Soon enough, my whole body was red and glistening with sweat, with some pooling on my furry belly.  Instinctively, I rub my hands over my arms, chest, belly, and thighs, soaking in the warmth and escaping the cold rain outside.  I reach down to my crotch, and play with my warm balls and cock – using my sweat and a little spit as a natural lubricant.

I hear a click, and the door to the sauna opens.  I see what could pass as my father or an older version of me – a man in his mid-50s, salt and pepper beard with matching chest and belly fur to match.  He’s close to my height, and a little bigger than me at around 300 pounds.  He smiles at me as he enters, taking a seat across from me in the expansive sauna.

He unfurls his towel, and the resemblance continues.  He has an average sized cock, with a larger than normal set of balls.  In comparison to his chest and beard hair, his crotch has closely trimmed hair.  As I take in the sight of this bear before me, I notice one additional detail – a glistening stainless steel piercing from the head of his cock.

“Like what you see?” Mark said while he laughed.  “I get that look all of the time, some guys try too hard not to show you they’re checking you out, and when they see the jewelry, it takes them by surprise.”

I smiled and nodded, knowing that he obviously caught me checking him out.  “It’s ok,” Mark added, “We’re all guys here, and we make do with what’s available.  And from what I see available, I’m not the only guy interested in a little fun.”

I looked down and saw myself getting harder, and there was no way to hide it anymore.  I smiled and looked at Mark, and he motioned to come over to him.  I stood up, and walked over to his side of the sauna.  He immediately cupped my chubby butt cheeks, and took my growing cock into his mouth.  

“Hmmm,” he said, as the vibrations from his expression of delight made me even more excited.  He started playing with his own growing cock, and began to fondle my low-hanging balls with his other hand.  I began to instinctively move my hips against his mouth, with my belly pressing against Mark’s forehead as he massaged my cock with his tongue and mouth.  I felt myself getting close to orgasm, and pulled away from Mark’s sweet mouth.

“Sorry,” I said.  “I was getting too close, and want this to last a while.”

Mark grinned and said, “I was thinking the same thing.  How about we switch places?”

Mark stood up as I sat down, and I tongued his PA while looking into his eyes.  He had a mischievous grin on his face, and smiled.  By the increasing hardening of his cock, he certainly liked what I was doing.  I soon took Mark’s stiff cock deep into my mouth, cupping his balls with one hand.  Mark and I basically switched onto autopilot, with him fucking my mouth, and me sucking and tonguing his cock as best I could.  I rubbed his sweaty thighs and butt with my hands, and he slowly spread his legs.

I couldn’t help what I did next.  As Mark continued to grunt and groan while thrusting his cock into my mouth, I spread apart his ample furry butt cheeks, and found his hole.  Using his sweat, I fingered around the outside of his warm hole, his muscle giving only so slightly as I tried to put my finger inside.  I slowly started to finger fuck Mark, his hole gripping down on my cock, and trying to take more of it inside.

After a few minutes of this, the pace of Mark’s thrusting became erratic and faster, as he became more vocal in his demands to take all of his cock down my throat.  Soon, he said, “I’m going to come,” and thrust deeply into my mouth, holding on with his hands.  His hole began to quiver and clamped down on my finger, and I began to milk the rest of his orgasm from his prostate.

“Whew,” he said.  “That’s better than any workout I’ve had for a while!”

We were both sweaty at this point, and the heat of the sauna was a little too much to handle.  We went to the handicapped shower stall that easily had room for two.  As Mark started the water, I began to rub his sweaty furry back, my hard cock against his matching furry backside.  

Mark turned around, and gave me a passionate kiss, rubbing my furry belly and reaching down to my still hard cock.  “I’m sorry for the blue balls,” he chuckled.  “Let’s see what we can do about it.”

He took some conditioner from the container on the wall of the shower, and began to massage my cock with it.   He then proceeded to massage his hole, and turned around to face the shower wall.  I this position, and with his height to match, I easily pointed my cock at his waiting hole, and thrust deep into Mark’s body.  As my cock slowly went deep inside, Mark’s cock twitched as he groaned.   With my excitement, I didn’t last long – finally thrusting my cock as deep as I could into Mark’s chubby body, and shooting off like a roman candle, flooding his ass with a week’s worth of cum.

As I pulled out, Mark turned around, and kissed me.  “Thanks,” he said.  “As I’ve grown older, it’s harder to see myself as attractive to others, and you’re just what the doctor ordered!”  

The cool water turned to warm, and we began soaping each other’s bodies.  I focused on Mark’s furry chest, rubbing his nipples, while he moaned ever so slightly.  Our soapy bellies touched as we rubbed and stroked one another, interspersed with kisses on each other’s lips.  It was absolute bliss, and a perfect ending to my sauna experience.

As we toweled off, I knew that I’d see more of Mark over the next two weeks.  As we said our goodbyes, I walked back to my cabin.  I looked up to find that my next door neighbor was none other than Mark, which prompted us to laugh and smile about the fun we were sure to have on the next rainy sea day.