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Fat ass gangbang

Friday, October 24, 2008 9:16 AM
Written by Fatbutt.

Life in LA is full of wonderful experiences especially with so many different types of men in town. We have White, Latin, Black, Asian, its wonderful.

I found myself working in a Food Service job at a private college in the suburbs of Los Angeles. It was there that I met a couple of lovely men who would give me such wonnderful pleasures. I met Juan at the dishing section where it was always hot and steamy. He was an older latin man in his 40's always showing his chest. He was very macho guy. I loved talking to him and listening to his Spanish accent. After work I noticed he would put on some boots and wore a big belt buckle. I got turned on by him.

I began to fantasize about him meeting me somewhere for a good time but they were only dreams.

One day I decided to find out if maybe he could be turned on himself. I have a big fat ass and is irresistable to those who love guys with fat asses. So one day when we were in the dishroom I dropped a spoon and bent over to show my fat ass at him. I could feel his eyes on my fat ass and him craving it.

So now I knew it was a matter of time to get him to enjoy my fat ass.

But as I got up I noticed big Daryl was looking at my fat ass too. I didn't think he would also like my ass tooo. I was surprised. Could this be possible. This young black guy who I knew loved fat asses but girls fat asses not a guys! Two straight guys that would love a fat guys ass. MMMMM so gooood.

So about a week after that incident we found ourselves in the stock room where we were organizing all the flour and cans etc. I got close to Daryl and Juan and then bent over. They got the queue and began to spank my ass. I said "look you want to see" more as I was giggling. Daryl begins to pull down my ready and loose pants. And Juan pulls down my underwear. Daryl said "Wow, Look at that big of fat booty"..and Juan join"ju right, he has big booty". And  we all laugh.

Daryl pulls out his big black fat dick and puts it in my face. I start sucking it as I am bending over. Juan pulls out his dick and starts spanking my ass with it. Then he spanks it with his hands. He says "que culo GRANDE" which means what a fat ass.

Suddenly I have too cocks in me. One big fat black dick in my mouth and one brown mexican dick in my fat ass. As the dicks were going in deeper I can feel a double climax cumming. Oh that feels sooooooo good!