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Blue Collar Deliveryman

Monday, June 16, 2008 2:07 PM

Blue Collar Deliveryman

I am home from work today. The weather is dreary, looks like rain. The humidity is high; your clothes just stick to your damp body. The air conditioner is running on high, but throwing out little air. I have already taken off my t-shirt hoping to cool down a bit. It’s only 8:30 A.M.; this is going to be a long day. I can’t sleep, it is way too hot. Nothing great on TV, just reruns of talk shows. I can hear a neighbor’s lawn mower running. How can he cut grass in this heat? I look outside and see not my neighbor but his son, Steve. Steve is a college senior next year. Home for the summer. Boy, he sure has grown up since I last saw him. I knew he played ball in school, but I had no idea what a hot man he was turning into. He was bare-chested and wearing his football shorts, a bit tight, showing a really great ass. You could tell he was wearing nothing under the clinging shorts. He looked hot and he knew it. The neighbor ladies all decided to take their morning strolls and stare at this beautiful young man’s body. I decided I should stay home from work more often. The view was great.

College senior, barechested in tight shorts.

I watched from my kitchen window as Steve finished mowing and raking the lawn. About 10:00 A.M. there was a knock at my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I went to the door wearing only my cut off sweats. When I opened the door, standing before me was a this big hunk of man, full beard, baseball cap, sleeveless t-shirt and really tight jeans. I didn’t want to stare too long, but the glance at his crotch told me he was huge. I couldn’t tell if he was all balls, big dick or both. I completely missed what he was saying. When I realized he was talking to me, I started to stutter and apologized. I made some lame excuse about the heat and my brain not working properly. This huge man laughed and said he understood. He was new with the kerosene delivery company and I was on the auto-delivery schedule to have my kerosene tank filled before winter sets in. I told him where the tank was located out back. He said he would drop off the delivery slip when he was done. As he turned and walked away, I got a view of his bubble butt in those tight jeans and they way they bounced up and down and he sauntered around the side of my home.

I couldn’t take the pressure. First, Steve was cutting grass and now this huge bear of a man was out back filling my tank. My cock turned to stone. I could barely walk. I sat down on the recliner and started rubbing my crotch. I was stroking like a mad man. Dick juice was gushing from my dick head. My fist was flying up and down my hard cock. I was getting ready to cum; my legs were starting to shake and body going stiff. Damn, another knock at the door. Who is it now? I cover myself up the best I can, but the front of my cutoffs show a big wet spot. There is no way I can hide it. I open the door and it is the delivery man. He asked if he could use my bathroom. He said he didn’t usually ask clients, but he really had to go. I told him sure and showed him to the front bathroom. He was in there for a while and I hollered in to ask him if everything was okay. He yelled back, I think I need your help. I walked into the bathroom. He was sprawled out on the commode. T-shirt up behind his head exposing his hairy broad chest. I could barely see his nipples there was so much hair. My eyes followed the trail down to his stomach and below. He had his hand wrapped around this huge hard on. He was masturbating and precum was running down the shaft and all over his hand. His big, hairy thighs were spread wide. His hairy balls hanging over the rim of the john. I stood there with my mouth open. Finally, I heard him say, put those lips around my cock head now and suck me dry. Deep throat my cock and take every drop of cum down your throat. Don’t spill one drop or you will be sorry. I fell to my knees and he grabbed my head and pushed it into his hairy crotch and ran my face back and forth in his wiry pubes. My tongue was going crazy, licking his hair, balls and cock. It was like I died and went to heaven. I must be dreaming.
Deliveryman, tall, hairy, rugged.

Here I am, a fat, balding chub and I have this hairy, bear forcing me to suck his cock. My prayers have finally been answered. My lips wrapped around his cock head and my cheeks sucked in and started massaging his shaft. I could hear his moans and groans and I was deep throating his huge piece of meat. I forced his cock head down my throat. I relaxed my throat muscles and swallowed. His head went down my throat and cut off my air circulation. I didn’t care, if I died at this point, I would die happy. He pulled out, I caught my breath and he resumed pumping in and out of my mouth. I was like a happy, fat pig. I couldn’t get enough dick. Finally, he started to tense up, and cum was starting to flow and his cock was getting harder. I took him deep and he started to gush. I drank every drop. There was so much cum, it was running out the sides of my mouth and nose. After my hunky deliveryman stopped cumming, he pushed me off his dick, stood up and turned around and told me to clean out his hole. My tongue dived deep into his hairy ass and cleaned him out good. The smell was intoxicating. I wanted more. I had turned into a sex pig and loved it. He turned around and shoved his hard cock into my mouth and should load number two. It was smaller than his first load, but who cared at this point. He pulled out and pushed me away and said he had to get back on the road. When he was walking out the front door, he turned to me and said, I’ll be back for that fat ass. It belongs to me now.

I stood in the doorway watching him get into his tanker and drive away. I hadn’t noticed that Steve was standing in his yard watching me and the driver as he exited my place. I turned red and knew Steve now knew I was a faggot. This couldn’t be good. I went back into the house and tried to calm down.

About one-half hour later there was a tap at my door. Who now? I answered the door. Steve was standing there with a shit eating grin on his face. I opened the door and said “Hi Steve, what can I do for you?” Steve pushed his way into my place and said, I want the same as that deliveryman. What do you mean? Don’t play dumb with me. I could hear you outside plain as day. There is no doubt about it, you were sucking his dick and you liked it. I am horny and want my dick sucked. Steve grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me to my knees and pushed my face into his wet crotch. He was hard. My mouth and tongue started running up and down the column hanging down his left thigh. I pulled up his the leg of his tight shorts and his dick head popped out. I took it into my mouth and nursed on it until Steve’s legs were shaking. He was hanging onto my head, thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, moaning and groaning, and muttering words I couldn’t make out. He final thrust caught me off guard. His dick head lodged in my throat and his cum overflowed, chocking me. When Steve was finished, he pulled out, wiped his dick juice all over my face. As he got himself together, he turned to me and said, I’ll be back for more.
Chubby, pig wanting more.

As Steve left my place, I was going out of my mind. I went for so long, having no sex, to having two big men in one day. I stripped off my shorts, laid on the bed and masturbated. I came more than I have ever come. If staying home on a weekday is always like this, I am staying home more often.