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Blue Collar Latino Neighbor

Monday, July 30, 2007 2:12 PM

The hot blue collar Latino who moved into my eight-unit apartment building one summer was named Albert. He lived directly above me and would usually have some buddies over on Friday and Saturday nights. He worked as a mechanic for a freight hauler, keeping the diesel engines on those 18-wheelers running smoothly. He was a strong beefy guy, about 5’10” tall, solid 200 pounds with thick hairy legs and arm and a broad, stocky build. Al defined the hot Latin bear for me.

Albert wore a uniform to work – a blue shirt with his name on the chest patch, dark blue uniform pants, and black steel-toed work boots. It suited him well. He was up by 6 am and out by 6:45 or so, just when I was getting my paper and drinking my morning coffee. We were both back home at about 3:30, well before most of the building. He was very friendly to all the neighbors, and told me to knock on his door if he and his buddies were ever too loud late at night. They weren’t terribly loud, but were over pretty often. Albert had a big screen TV. Usually he had a few guys over for some beers when the Angels were playing. They were loud fans, but the games were usually over by 10 so I didn’t complain.

Strong beefy guy, about 5’10", solid 200 pounds...

On Fridays and Saturdays, I would hear Albert and some of his buddies go out to the clubs in the neighborhood, and return after the 2 am closing. Occasionally a few of them would stay over rather than drive home. They looked to be relatives or co-workers. All blue-collar Latin guys. I’d hear them chatting after their nights out.

One warm afternoon after coming in from school I decided to work outside on the rooftop. Technically off limit to the tenants, each of us knew how to access the roof. Since there was little yard, and none of our units had patios, the roof was popular for lounging, relaxing, the occasional barbecue and midnight make out session. I changed into shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed a towel and my briefcase and headed up two flights to correct American History tests in the warm October sun. I was slightly surprised to see Albert up on the roof with one of his pals.

They had clearly been up on the roof a while. They were buzzed and had the empty beer cans to prove it. Albert’s buddy held a fat joint and was handing it over when they were startled by the sound of the door. “Hey bro,” Albert said before inhaling deeply, “this is my cousin Jesse.” I nodded to Jesse and shook his hand, “Ed. I live below Albert.” Jesse was a less beefy version of Albert, with a similar dark goatee and green eyes. Albert looked at me as he exhaled the pungent smoke, “You don’t mind if Jesse and I get high up here, do you?” I told him I didn’t care. He gave me a sly smile, and took a drink of his beer. He offered me one, and feeling neighborly, I accepted it. Even though I’m not usually a beer drinker, it was ice cold and felt great in the afternoon sun. I looked Al over with admiration as we chatted about the other folks in the building. His stocky chest was covered in a dark furry pelt. The hair was long and curly in the area between his big dark brown nipples. His thick arms were hairy and solid. You could see that his strength was natural from hard work, not from time at the gym.

Albert nudged Jesse to offer me the joint. At first I declined. But Albert insisted, “Come on, Ed. This is good shit Jesse got from Hawaii.” I accepted it and inhaled deeply. This was good stuff. My buzz started before I exhaled. “See, good shit, right?” Albert asked. I nodded with a grin. He could see it was already affecting me. We passed the joint around a few more times, then Jesse went down to Albert’s place to take a piss. As soon as the roof door was closed, Al said, “Sorry about Jesse, bro. He’s real stingy with the good stuff.” “That is high quality stuff,” I told him. “Straight from Maui,” Al told me proudly, “Only problem is that really sweet pot always makes me horny.” He gave his bulge a gentle squeeze in order to emphasize. I smiled at him. Al looked back at me briefly, “You’re gay, right?” he asked. His straightforwardness shocked me a bit. I nodded. “Yep,” I said finishing my beer. Al turned to me. “I’m cool with that. Lots of my buddies play both sides of the fence. I’m a pussyhound, but nobody gives head like a gay guy.” “True,” I said with a grin. Al continued, “Jesse’s a homo. He gives the best blowjob I’ve ever had. But he always wants me to fuck him in the ass, and I’ve tried it, but I’m just not into it.” “I wondered about Jesse,” I said to Al. Which was true. He had seemed very protective of Albert and I had noticed his tribal tattoo at the top of his ass when he had gone downstairs.

Al was smiling my way. I could see his growing bulge. “You like to suck cock?” he asked. I nodded and moved my eyes down his body from his face, down his furry chest, past his stomach to the bulge in his shorts. Licking my lips in anticipation, he gave himself another squeeze. I reached over and felt him through the thin fabric. He groaned. My other hand moved up through the forest of dark hair that covered him. He pulled my ear to his lips and whispered, “You like my hairy chest?” “Uh-huh,” I replied as I buried my face in his chest. He pushed me down to my knees. My mouth went to work on the thick cock outlined in his trunks. It throbbed. Albert reached down to pull of his shorts. I looked around. On a warm afternoon like this other neighbors would likely come up to the roof deck when they got home. “Let’s go down to my place,” I told Albert. He nodded and gathered his towel and ice chest.

Albert stopped at his apartment on the second floor to drop off his stuff. I went down to the first floor to straighten up and put my stuff away. As I poured a glass of water, I heard a knock on the door. Through the peephole I could see Albert, looking nervous in a t-shirt. I opened it up and he walked inside. I dropped to my knees and we started up where we had left off on the roof. I pushed his t-shirt up and he pulled it off and threw it on a nearby chair. Pulling his board shorts down I finally got a look at his stiff cock.

His stocky chest was covered in a dark furry pelt.

His cock wasn’t much longer than about 6 inches, uncut with brown foreskin and a little bit of a purple head visible. Like the rest of Albert, it was extraordinarily thick, with a girth slightly larger than a beer bottle from the base. It only tapered slightly, and as I pulled back on his foreskin, his purple head was nearly as thick as the base. His hefty balls hung low in a loose hairy sac. Albert’s pubes were trimmed to a medium length. His solid firm hairy belly hung just slightly over his waist.

As Albert stepped out of his shorts I rubbed his firm hairy thighs. Taking his cockhead into my hungry mouth, I tasted that familiar musky sweaty flavor. As usual, it turned me on. I pushed down so that my lips engulfed the base of him. My nose buried deep in his hair, inhaled the smell of man sweat with a slight hint of soap and cologne. He held the back of my head with his strong hand and pushed deep into me. The head of his cock pushed just into my throat. Loving his aggressiveness I stood up and led him to the bedroom.

Albert stood on the side of the bed while I rubbed his thick muscular body all over. He was clearly enjoying the attention. My face next to his scruffy two-day beard, he turned me towards him and kissed me softly. I hadn’t expected that from a guy who was “mostly straight.” We made out for a while, all while I felt his manhood pressed firmly against my thigh. His tongue explored my mouth. I sucked on it hungrily. He laughed slightly and let me suck on his strong thick tongue, teasing me as he poked it in and out of my warm mouth.

One strong hand was massaging my neck and shoulder while the other was kneading my ass cheek. I loved feeling his strength. This was one hot man. And he was enjoying me, too, if I understood his sighs, grunts, and groans correctly. Soon enough, he fell back on my bed and pulled me down on top of him. He tugged at my boxers with his big beefy hands. I helped to lower them, and kicked them off. He leaned up off the bed to lick my chest while his strong hands were focused on my cock and balls. He pushed my chest up to bring me up to my knees, then dropped to suck hard on my stiff cock. I loved the sensation, rubbing his short buzzed hair with delight. After sucking for a long time, he turned his mouth’s attention to my balls. He licked and sucked on them while stroking my wet cock. Then he sucked on it for a while. I twisted around to have access to him, first with my hands, then with my mouth. 

Somehow we turned around so that I was lying back on the bed. He forcefully drove his cock deep into my throat. I could feel my lips stretching around the base of him. As he pulled out, I moved slightly to work on his balls for a while. “Wanna lick my hairy ass?” he mumbled. Instead of responding I reached up to pull his hairy cheeks towards my mouth. Pushing his ass apart to get access, I licked his hairy sweaty hole. “Awww… Fuck yeah…” I heard him say. My firm tongue flicked at the tight opening. I could see it twitch in response. Finally, my face buried deep in his furry crevice, I pushed into him while my hands pushed him open.

Eventually I found myself rimming him while he was on his knees, reaching back with both of his hands to pull himself open for me. I rubbed his furry thighs and played with his thick uncut cock and meaty balls, pulling him back onto my tongue. He turned to look back at me. “I need you to fuck me, bro,” he said softly.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. Getting up to my knees behind him, I reached into the bedside drawer for a condom and some lube. “Aww, sweet,” Albert said as I rubbed my cock back and forth on his furry crack. “You need me to fuck your tight hairy hole?” I asked him. “Please pound me good,” he pleaded. So I rolled the condom on, drizzled lube on me, and pushed it into him. His whole body tensed as he pushed back onto me. I pressed harder into him, then with a deep breath, felt his muscles relax and let me inside. This was my signal to push all the way in, then I flexed my cock slightly. He groaned with pleasure, and wiggled a bit to guide me in. Then I began to slowly give him what he needed.

I rubbed his thick muscular body all over.

Pushing his furry thighs apart with my own, I plunged in and out of him with pleasure. This was pure carnal, animalistic sex. I was no longer in control. When I reached up to grab his muscular shoulder and pull him down, he grunted in response. Then I pushed his ass apart with my hands and plowed in even deeper. I could feel his inner ring open up for my head. He cried out softly. I loved his slick warm hole wrapped around me like a tight glove. Pulling completely out for a moment, I turned him over. His legs up in the air, I pushed back into him from above. He twisted slightly to get me at the right angle for him. His hungry look was all I needed. Stroking the hair on his strong hairy legs I began to pound him in long quick strokes. My sweat dripped down onto him, he pulled his legs back and apart with his muscular arms. “Breed me,” he grunted. I pushed harder into him, knowing I was close. His cock let out a long squirt. It landed somewhere above his head. Another hit him squarely on his sexy face, then more squirts flew into his face and chest. From inside of him, it felt like his ass muscles were milking my prick. Just as his intense orgasms ended, I felt myself unload inside of him. His eyes grew large as he felt the condom fill.

I collapsed on top of him. We made out for a moment, then I licked some of the cum off of his face. He pulled my mouth back to his and savored the taste. I reached down to hold the base of my condom and pulled out of him. “That was awesome, dude,” he said with a gleaming smile. “It was,” I told him. “Stay right here,” I patted him and got off the bed to dispose the rubber and clean up. I returned with a warm damp soapy towel and cleaned him off. Albert just lay back and let me wipe him off gently. “You’re hot,” he told me. “I think you’re hot, too!” I said, “Glad you moved in to the building.” He smiled back up at me. We went back to making out. “Fucking awesome, bro!”

Fucking awesome indeed. Who knew that the hot neighbor who was just looking for a blowjob would end up to be the sexy bottom stud I had been craving.