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Dad And son Sex

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 2:24 AM
Written by Travis Franklin.

hello my name is travis and my dad name is james the story starts out on day when we went boating, i was around 6:00 am when we woke up, i was just me and him at home, my mother was in las vagas, so when we got up we would get the boat hooked up as usual, but for some reason today didn't feel like any normal day, i had this feeling that something was going to happen but i didn't really know, but anyways, well i went outside to help him hook-up the boat to the truck, after that was dont we where bot really hot, it was like 110 degress outside so we decided to come in side for a minute, when we got inside i was lookin at my dad he looked so hot standing their all hot and water was driping off his body, like he jsut came out of the shower, well i made some eggs and ham, we ate then i had to go to the bathroom, so i got up and went to then to the bathroom after i was finsh i saw my dad comming down the hall so for some reason i started to get horny, as i stood their trying to look at him getting undress, he was wearing some underware and some grey shorts, well the first thing to go was them short, my dad was a 57 years old, he was very fat like 369 but i dont know the right number, well he was standing their in front of me in only his underwear so i started to get really horny when he did the unthinkable he got totally naked right in front of me, as i looked in the miror, i could see a huge hairy fat roll lookin me in the face two giant balls but no penis, our family had small cock, so it was hidden, what he did naxt was so hot he put both of his big hands down where his dick should be and pulled back the fat and their it was his hot cock, he asked me if i wanted to touch it and i said ok, so i put my hand on his belly and rubbed down jis body till i reach this cock , i satrted to play with it it felt so hot and horny, i got down on my heands and nees and staed to suck it, it tasted so hot in my mouth, damn if i could fuck that ass as his cock got hard he want to fuck me he kept on saying,

fuck me daddy
hot steamy heiry body

son you know you want daddies dick in you ass dont you

i would say

oh yes daddy fuck my ass as hard as you can

so brfore i knew it i was standing up he pulled off my cloths, put a condom on his cock and push

his cum was hot as hell
it into my asshole, i felt so fuckin nice in their, he started to fuck me hard, i loved it, i could fell his fat roll brush my ass, as he fuck me, his huge hairy balls we gettin tight so i knew he was ready to cum, he started to yell out oh god son im going to cum, i said daddy cum all over me, before i knew it he pulled his cock out took off the condom and shot all over me, damn it was hot and i ould tell we were both  horny, after that we both got into the shower play with each other so more, we when boating like nothing ever happen till we got home but thats another story,