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Cruising the Bathroom Glory Hole

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 11:07 PM

I’ve always found glory holes to be fascinating. Perhaps it is because they provided my first opportunity to suck a cock. The thrill of not knowing what was on the other side of the wall is incredibly exciting.

I know as I was growing up, I was raised to be asexual. Sex was not talked about, and since I was a lonely farm boy, I had tons of questions. I also was very involved with the church, so my outlet for information was jaded from the onset. High school provided little help either since I was a ‘church-goer’. I was the perfect little boy on the outside, but as I grew up, I because this boiling pot of raging hormones and they desparately need a relief.

I leaned toward the partition to get a better view

I have numerous glory-hole stories I could write but today, I want to write about something that just happened this afternoon, January 16, 2007 in St. Louis, Mo.

This store has had a decade-long reputation for having a glory hole in the men’s john. I have been there several occasions, and gladly had my cock sucked through the partition. Over the course of time, though, management has modified the men’s john to make cruising less easy. Today, I had some spare time and thought about checking out the status of the glory hole.

I walk into the ‘john’ on St. Charles Rock Road and see the middle partition stall door has been removed. Fucking management, I thought to myself. Those bastards will do anything to stop a little fun between 2 guys!

There is something ‘mental’ about going into a john for me, because it always brings forth a real reason to be there. I felt the urge to dump, so I went into the stall nearest the urinal. Sure enough, the glory hole was still there, perfectly placed, but management had mounted a new toilet paper dispenser directly above the hole. There was no way for any fun to transpire, so I did my deed, and sat there with memories of the good times from years gone by.

I was ready to leave the stall, when I heard the door open and this man approached the urinal to my left. He has on brown loafers, with a criss cross weave on top of the shoe. On the partition wall between me and the urinal, there is a small, pencil thick hole, again, it is properly placed, so one can watch men and catch a glimpse of their cock.

I was bored, a little horny, and always curious about cocks, so I leaned toward the partition and placed my eye up to the pencil-hole. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing because this man had to have the largest thickest black cock I had ever seen. Of course, my vantage point was limited, and as I adjusted my sight, I realized I was looking at his black leather sleeve of his black leather jacket. Oddly enough, I did not hear the sound of any pee going into the urinal, so I scanned up and down his body. He had on a plaid shirt, a little tight, with a nice overhang over his belt. His left hand was stroking his cock and his right hand with playing with his balls. He was aware of my looking, and turned to face the hole offering me a better view. I was hard as a rock by now, and had turned my body to face the partition. My left hand was on the wall edge of the partition wall, so he reached up and gently stroked the back of my fingers with his right hand. Then, he went back to stroking his cock.
I was hard as a rock by now

Hi cock was thick and long, cut, with a conical shape from a rather sharp tip widening to a total handful at the base. His pubic hair was dark, offering a nice dark background for his growing dick. There was a small drop of precum starting to appear on the cock tip as he stroked his meat. My cock was poised to explode in my own hand with the first visible eruption on his side of the partition. The drop of precum bounced with each stroke, and finally dangled off the end of his shaft. It was so stringy, and fell in slow motion, only to be replaced with another drop.

I could hear his breath growing faster as I heard his leather jacket sleeve rubbing against the leather jacket body. He was rocking back and forth, fucking his hand, as I heard him give a guttural sound and he thrust his hips forward into his hard grip. I saw a spray of cum volley out of his cocktip and then I heard it hit the partition wall. Another groan, and another shot erupted from his cock. I felt my own cock head getting hotter and hotter as I stroked my meat. I left my peephole, leaned back against the back of the stall, and stroked my own cock to a trembling orgasm.
the drop of precum bounced with each stroke

By the time I had finished cumming, he was wiping off his cock head and throwing the cum filled tissues into the trash. I hurriedly cleaned myself up, stuffed my cock back in my pants, put on my coat and hat, and went out into the main part of the john to wash my hands. He was stepping out into the store, so I figured he wasn’t into small talk.

As I left the john, he was stalling by the water fountain, and we exchanged our only pleasantries - “that was fun”. He grabbed a drink of water, and left to find his wife. I wandered the store for a little bit, then left and grabbed a bite to eat.

I sure love cruisy bathrooms!

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