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Like Father..Like Son (Part 2)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 1:15 AM

I was still a little overwhelmed by my recent experience in the pool so at first I thought I was seeing things. Wishful thinking perhaps. But when I looked I definitely saw this sexy guy with his hands in his overalls checking me out, the guy that just blew his son!


Henry started to make his way to the pool. He kicked off his work boots, unbuckled his overalls and let them drop to the ground. He was walking towards the pool wearing nothing but his red briefs. And they were very brief. Immediately apparent was that Derek got his huge dick handed down from hi fathers genes. The bulge in his briefs was unmistakable and his belly bounced up and down as he walked slapping the top of his hidden erection.

The bulge in his briefs was unmistakable and his b


“I thought I might join you boys for a dip” he said rubbing his ample belly. “Just the right time of day for a little afternoon delight.”


Something here was not right. I was expecting Henry to get angry over what he must have witnessed. Instead he seemed to be getting off on it. Derek seemed to be relaxing into this new dynamic. He was obviously staring at his dad’s hefty body with some appreciation. Henry finally reached the pool, peeled of his briefs and sniffed them. “Ahhhh. The smell of honest sweat from a mans crotch. His throbbing cock was almost identical to his son’s except with a more pronounced vein. As he sniffed his briefs, he sat on the pool’s edge and dangled his massive legs in the water. His cock was pushing up against his belly as he reached out the hand holding his briefs toward Derek and asked “Do you want to smell your daddies balls boy?”


Derek looked a little uncertain but started to paddle slowly to his fathers outstretched hand still holding the briefs. “C’mon boy. I’ve seen you sniffing my briefs when you do the laundry. I know you like to watch me jerk off. But did you know I watch you jerk off as well?” This was all getting a little weird for me. I started to make my way out of the pool when Henry said “What’s the hurry big boy? I thought we might have a little pool time fun.” I didn’t know what to think or do. Suddenly I felt Derek behind me in the water. He whispered in my ear “Do to him what you did to me” and he guided me towards where his dad’s legs were dipped in the pool.


Henry parted his legs to allow my face in between. Derek grabbed his dad’s briefs and shoved them in my face. I had to take a breath at that time and the musky scent gave me an immediate hard on. Derek then took a large sniff of them and I could feel his cock hardening against my back. He then gently pushed my face into his father’s groin. I started licking and slurping all the time feeling my own cock hardening. After a few minutes Henry pushed me aside and called to Derek. “Come on boy. I’ve seen those Bear Magazines you jack off to. Show daddy what you know.” My eyes almost popped out of my head as I watched Derek going down on his father.


As he bent over his dad’s crotch he grabbed me from behind and made me grind my cock against his ass. As I got the idea he started moving his ass in rhythm to my grinding. My prick was now running up and down his crack, every so often it would rub over his man hole. Henry was now getting quite excited. He had laid back on the edge of the pool, his legs raised and Derek was eating his ass out!! “ Oh yeah boy!! Show daddy what he’s been missing.”


Derek was obviously loving this experience. He jumped out of the pool, knelt down on the edge and bent over, revealing the full glory of his puckered hole. His dad followed suit and I know had two massive butts pointed in my direction. I first started to lick Derek’s hole. Oh how sweet a boys ass is. While I ran my tongue around it my hand was exploring Henry’s ass. Derek’s spit had moistened the hole and when I pushed a little with my finger it slid easily in. This was a hole that had had some experience.


Meanwhile Derek was now fully pushing his ass against my face. The next minute I had my tongue inside him giving it a good  rimming. He was moaning with pleasure and jerking his cock so that I could see the whole picture.


“OK big boy” Henry said to me. “Out of the pool. Go to my overalls and you will find a little surprise in the top pocket”. I walked across the lawn with my dick swingin’ in the breeze. I searched his overall pockets and found a tube of lube. “Always be prepared” I heard Henry laugh. When I turned I saw that Derek was now straddling his fathers face ramming his cock in and out like there was no tomorrow. Henry was on his back with his legs high in the air. The invitation was unmistakable.

the musky scent gave me an immediate hard on


I lubed up my cock and started to massage Henry’s hole with it. “Don’t mess around chum. Ram it home”. And that’s what I did. Slowly at first but with more gusto I ploughed his ass as if it were the last one on earth. Meanwhile, with Derek’s ass in my face I lubed up my fingers and started to work his hole. Right then h shuddered and gushed a load all over Henry’s face. I couldn’t believe it!! Twice in half an hour. Henry sucked his son’s cock back into his mouth and licked up every drop, while I continued banging away at his ass.


“Let’s try this” said Henry. We disengaged from each other and Henry bend Derek forward on all fours. He lubed up his cock and started to rub it against his son’s hole. “Yeah boy. I’ve seen you with that toy you use. Let’s see if you can take all of daddy”

With that he rammed his giant cock into his son’s willing ass. “OK big boy. Now you fuck me at the same time.” It took a little while to get our rhythm right but soon we were all moving as one huge mass. We separated and then they both had their asses in the air begging for it.


Now that they were both well primed, I could slip in and out of the ass of my choosing. First Derek. Cute wide ass staring at me. I grabbed his love handles and rammed my cock in up to the balls. A few strokes latter and I was sliding out of that cute smooth butt and into his fathers big hairy butt. I didn’t take me long to be ready again. Finally I gave one last shove inside Henry and blew my second load. His well practiced ass squeezed every last drop out of me.


To my surprise, Derek got up, pushed me out of the way and continued fucking his dad’s ass. I couldn’t believe he was hard again. It took him a couple of minutes pounding but he finally blew a load straight up his fathers ass. I couldn’t believe the next thing I saw. Derek on all fours licking his and my cum out of his dad’s ass. That got me instantly hard again.


Now Derek lay me down on my back and bent over me on all fours in a 69 position. I had a great view of his balls and ass hole. His mouth enveloped my hardening cock and I felt him start to rub his finger against my tight hole. That was when Henry came up behind his son. I could see his pulsing cock getting ready to slide into the ass that was just above my face. He lubed up and slid it right in. I could feel Derek’s belly rubbing on my chest. I licked his balls as his dad gave him all of his cock. I was so surprised at the sight that I hadn’t noticed 2 fingers firmly wedged in MY ass. Derek’s cock was still oozing cum out of it from his last blow and it was dripping on my chin. I could see what was left of our intermingled cum dripping down Henry’s leg. Henry was approaching climax. I reached up with my tongue and licked his balls. Just then he shuddered violently, pulled his cock out of Derek and shot all over his ass. His cum run down Derek’s crack and dripped on my face. I was in heaven. Derek then repositioned himself and squatted on my face forcing me to lick his dad’s cum from his ass.

His cum run down Derek’s crack and dripped on my f


We lay on the grass for minutes after that, allowing our sweat and cum drenched bodies to dry in the hot sun. Quietly we made our way to the pool and slipped in to enjoy the cooling cleansing wetness.


I jumped out of the pool and got us a few bottles of beer from inside. On returning I found both the boys sitting naked on the lawn laughing. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Well,” said Derek “I think we should let you in on a little secret. Henry is not really my Dad. We do live together but we are partners. We like to play Daddies every know and again and you seemed to like the idea so…….?”

At first I was taken aback but then a smile slowly crept across my face. “All’s well that ends well” I said as I downed my beer and started to lube the neck of the bottle.


But that’s another story.