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I'm a 65 yo Chub4Chub in San Jose, CA, USA. I'm in a relationship. I speak English. I prefer contacts from anybody interested.

About Me

I am seeing someone, who I met on BC (so there is hope for all ye who enter here).

There's nothing like hot and sweaty sex, but a little romance is good too.
I prefer older chubby men, 45 and older, as you can see from my favorites, but that is not an unbreakable rule. It says chub4chub; I do like chubby men. I am 5'4" 210 lbs, so if you consider that chubby that's good, I have a nice round belly and some nice tits to play with. But sorry to all you chasers, I like a little more meat on those bones.
I am just a regular guy, not too into the bar scene, and prefer men with the same sensibility. Although the nude beach is a past time I enjoy.
I enjoy movies and going out to dinner. I am not into the bar scene unless it is to hear some good music (see music below). But an occasional 'big' event is not out of the question.

Music I listen to: old 60's and 50's rock and roll and traditional Celtic, Cajun and world music, folk music and some jazz and occasionally classical.

I like watching sports, especially baseball and football. My favorite sport is bicycling. Not a popular sport I know, but I love watching the Tour de France. (Have you checked out those shorts?) I also enjoy art, especially northwestern and southwestern native American art. I like film, and do a lot of reading.

I have a small patio garden which I like working on. Love to hang out there nude and have a drink. Outdoor sex is definitely a turn on.

Sexually I am not too anal (well okay, rimming is good and I will top on occasion) but mostly I love giving and receiving oral, nipple play. I like kissing and I like to cuddle and feel skin against skin and exploring by hand and by mouth. I like long sessions of sexual play.

I am interested in the male form in photography. Not the buff/perfect model but those of us who are bigger and not perfect. But all shapes and sizes are welcome. I am more than happy to shoot anyone willing to be photographed. I am always looking for models to sit. So if you are somewhat reluctant, because of your size, to be photographed, don't be! You can be photographed beautifully. I can usually come up with something that will make you happy. Just contact me here if you are living/visiting in the SF Bay area and would like to be photographed.

Here is a poem by Thomas Lynch:
"Attende Domine"
To lie in the tub on New Year's morning
awash in bath oils and resolution,
observing the Feast of Circumcision,
is to seek the water's absolution
according to the law that juxtaposes
Cleanliness and Godliness. I suppose
it is time to examine my conscience,
to make a clean breast of it and amends
to such as those I might have offended.
Attende Domine et miserere! Lord
I've sinned with my eye and did not pluck it out,
and with my hand and yet my hand remains
blessing myself against Your righteousness.
I've sinned with my mouth and loved the sound it made.

Contact me if you like what you've read (and seen). I will respond back to you.
Some of my personality traits...

Clean Cut, Easygoing, Friendly/Kind, Masculine, Open-Minded.

Some of my interests include...

Arts, Cooking, Dining, Gardening, Movies, Music, Outdoors, Photography, Reading, Spirituality, Sports, Technology, Television.

USSan Jose, CA, USA
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Age 65 yo
Height 5'-4" (163 cm)
Weight 210 lbs (95.3 kg)
Ethnicity Caucasian / White
Build Chubby
Eyes Blue
Hair Pepper
Facial Hair Goatee
Body Hair Smooth
Role Active (top)
Smoking No
Drinking Occasionally
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