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I'm a 45 yo Chub in syracuse, NY, USA. I'm single. Looking for a relationship with a Chaser. I speak English. I prefer contacts from anybody interested.

My Poems

I guess its time to move on in my life ... to end the journey of hope with u ,
my heart still pains i miss u so ... but time has told me were thru ...
i want to say the loves still here will always feel it i fear .. i open my heart and release u just know i`ll always love u dear ......

Dear God i pray .. for him tonight .. i pray that all will be alright .. i send him love i send him peace i send him strength for times like these .. i miss him so that special one ,,,, feels ive loved him since time begun ..
i met him twice with in my life ,,, it seems those times just werent right... how do i mend my broken heart my soul keep sinking it wants to part .. i wish him the best and i pray hes fine ,....please tell me what to do with this heart n soul of mine .. amen

Another year older some grey hairs anew ,,,,still everything i see reminds me of u ... where has it gone the life that i had ,,happy times shadowed it seems by the bad ...i try to perk up i try to move on,,, my heart wont let me it seems ur the only one... call it what u will infactuation if u must i call it love built strongly on trust.. i wish u the best since youve also aged too i wanted to share these last years with you ....i dont want to put great pressure on you ...but when you love someone enuff no other will do.. forgive me my heart if ive pushed u away i only wanted to be near to feel love to feel safe .. ..

I thank u for part of life we shared ... I thank u for holding my hand .. for kissing me and taking time .. making my soul come alive... you will always be deep in my heart ... so close so near yet far apart .. not sure if u know what you've done to me .. changed me .. eternally .. I felt like I knew u before we met .. compatible love will never regret....

a poem ..

Oh how I wish to see u again .. kiss ur cheek .. hold your hand ....
to feel the energy between u and me.. feeling like we were meant to be...
to give each other worth of living .. through spirit of love hope and of giving ...
to know the depth of understanding each other .. unconditional love .. there's like no other ..

No matter what happens through out my life .. I'm glad I met you .. glad you were part of my life...
I sit back and wait ,,,, shall I see you again ? I try to prepare .. be you lover or friend ?
Time can be a hindrance ,,, time can be a friend can be an empty space to let healing mend ..
If no others things can be taken from this .. KNOW that i love u give a kiss and i miss ...


WIll love u Forever . ...
I love u forever til the end of time .. holding ur hand and u holding mine ..
the dreams that I held for u and I to share .,.. suddenly were empty you were not there ..
oh many a time felt u deep in my heart entwining my soul felt we never would part .. some walls we make from a broken heart,, to tall to reach over to thick to tear apart ..
the hope that I had,, that you'd reach out to me and embrace my love,, for all eternity . I wake up each morning with u on my mind .. seeing ur face so beautiful and kind .. there are no words I can say that can even describe ,, I love u forever .. til the end of time .
Some of my personality traits...

Confident, Easygoing, Flirtatious, Friendly/Kind, Humorous/Witty, Masculine, Open-Minded, Outgoing, Quiet/Shy, Romantic, Sensitive, Spiritual, Spontaneous, Talkative.

Some of my interests include...

Arts, Cooking, Dining, Family, Gaming, Gardening, Health/Fitness, Movies, Music, Outdoors, Spirituality, Technology, Television, Travel.

USsyracuse, NY, USA
PremiumMy Stats
Comm. Tag Chub
Age 45 yo
Height 5'-11" (180 cm)
Weight 375 lbs (170.1 kg)
Ethnicity Caucasian / White
Build Super Chubby
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Facial Hair Goatee
Body Hair Average
Role Passive (bottom)
Smoking Quitting
Drinking Socially
Citizen Since 2/9/2004
Last Online 9/18/2014
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