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Is all the chub and chaser world just dating and socializing?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bear Abby,

Why is it that there are no political organizations or support organizations for chasers and chubs? It seems the only thing there is about this community is dating and socializing. There isn't even a chaser pride flag. How would anyone ever organize something like this to help empower other chasers and chubs?

-Hope for chasers


Dear Hope for chasers,

why not start a facebook page for people who feel the same way you do? However, before you do that you need to create a list of specific political goals that such an organization would work towards.



Wanting to bottom

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bear Abby,

Bear Abby, I am desiring to bottom, however, I am very very tight.
Is there anything that I can do to help with this, so that when I find the right guy (or guys) to take care of this desire of mine, it will be easier to enter?

-Tight Ass


Dear Tight Ass,

I suggest that you look up a book called "Anal Pleasure and Health" on Amazon. It will give you several practical tips on this subject.



Coming out to parents

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bear Abby,

Hi Bear Abby

I'm a 24 year old guy, I moved to the USA about 2 months ago to be with my boyfriend currently we are planing to get married, and while I look forward to it and I am excited, my family was left in my original country not knowing what the true purpose of coming to the USA was, I do plan on telling them about it all, the wedding and the boyfriend, I have tried to come out to them in the past but they didn't react and up until now pretend it never happened or that I'm going through a phase in life, it makes me feel very uneasy and nervous to tell them as there are high chances they wont talk to me for the rest of my life, any advice on how I should try and break it to them? I've thought on just saying it once we are married but have not fully decided how to go about it, sometimes I think on just saying it bluntly, or go little by little telling them pieces here and there so that it does not come as hard of a news, but to the date no real decision on what to do.



Dear Anonymous,

It is very difficult for me to tell you what to do without knowing any of your family. However, I think that trying to tell them slowly will not work. They will most likely cling to any reason to deny it until you say it directly and even then they will probably try to tell you that it's a phase. My family did not speak to me for nearly 10 years after I told them at the age of 17 but eventually they apologized and came to accept my husband of 20 years (8 years legally married). If it were me I would send them formal invitations to the wedding ceremony and include pictures of you and your fiancé so there is no doubt about it.

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