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7/22/2014 7:19 AMB i g g e r B i t s
BiggerVegas is back! July 8 - July 14, 2014! Register NOW to save. Package prices increase soon! If you have not already booked your package now is he time to save some money. There are limited numbers of Full House Packages which include the popular Blue Moon and Entourage events.

2014 BiggerContest 
Enter the BiggerCity citizen contest & get double the points! All Premium citizens are welcome to participate or vote. Voting is in December. Two winners are selected based on the total number of votes and ratings they have received: The award categories are best looking, "Big Guy" (Chub, Chub4Chub, or Bear) and "Small Guy" (Chaser). The two winners will receive a lifetime Premium subscription to the site!

Come celebrate our diversity as the people of Arizona say no to Republican hate!  A new day for the new Arizona! How to celebrate? How about BearCity Cinema w/ it’s award winning creator, writer and director, our own Doug Langway.  Nightly Dive-in Cinema. Entertainment. Side trips. Dances. A DJ Contest for opening night event- details to come. Parties. Bar Buses. Seminars.  Sumptuous  Banquets. AbbaFab.  And way more to come.  Your home: the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Paradise Valley - Scottsdale. A World Class Resort featuring  2 huge cool pools, fabulous pool-side rooms and a 2 level Hospitality Suite with private secluded  pool, spa and sauna. History will be made, for sure! Weekend packages for 3 nights- and that's single occupancy, and all-event package (including farewell brunch) start at only $351 (plus taxes) With cheap airfare thanks to the competition of Arizona’s home town, US Airways and as a major Southwest Airline hub, it is easy to find a direct non-stop flight into the valley.   Compliment that with low-cost car rentals and our DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Paradise Valley-Scottsdale a less than 20 minute drive from Sky Harbor it will be difficult to find a less stress-free and great value holiday weekend.  Go West Big Man! 

Living With The Folks 
After the world-changing economic downturn in 2008, a record number of adult men and women have returned to living with their parents. With widespread unemployment sometimes its the only choice. Here are ten tips to best endure (heck, maybe even enjoy) living with your folks!

Celebrity Spotlight
Reality shows weave the line between scripted television and documentary, and it’s hard to say whether the personalities of the stars match what you’re seen on screen. But, at least, if they’re shown as big hot gay guys on the show, they’re most likely to be big hot gay guys in real life. Unlike most of the Celebrity Spotlight’s we’ve done, these guys are only known for their own role, so we’re just going to round up some of the cutest big guys (gay and straight) who have shown up on reality TV in the past decade!

Casting Call!
Have you ever wanted to star in an adult video? We are looking for men living in, or travelling to the San Francisco bay area to star in one of our videos. We seek guys of all sizes, ages, races, and backgrounds. Please contact us at at models (@) bulkmale (.) com and INCLUDE at least one photo with your email, and your location when responding.

Bear Abby
Ever start to feel a connection to someone and then suddenly have it be completely halted? Was it your fault? How can you get his attention back? Is it even possible? This is one of this week's questions posed to Bear Abby, BiggerCity's resident advice columnist. He also tackles an issue familiar to all the bottoms out there: how to clean house. Got a question about sex, relationships, or just life in the chub and chaser world? Bear Abby is the man to ask.

Going Somewhere? 
Don't miss your chance to connect! Check out the new Travel Plans feature in your profile editor. Let everyone know where you're planning to travel to and what you're looking for. You can also tell them you're planning to attend any of the events in the Community section. Not traveling? No problem! Be sure to check out who is planning to visit your location using the "Visiting My Area" icon on this page.

Good in the Kitchen?
Publish your favorite recipes, share them with the community and earn credits for every recipe posted. This is a great way to showcase your favorite delights and old time creations. Use the search tool to find great recipes and try something new. The recipes are listed by category and rated by our citizens.

Hibearnation All-Stars!
The Show-Me Bears are, as you can tell from their name, not a shy bunch of hot big men, bears, cubs, and chasers, which is why the put on one of the most fun bear parties out there! Join these hot locals and men from around North America and the world as they meet in St. Louis for a wild weekend of fun, dancing, drinking, food, and more! The party's happening at the Crown Plaza Hotel in downtown St. Louis, but features events like the Gateway Men's Chorus, coffee & donuts, a big pub crawl, Schnapps party, a tailgate party, and of course the Blue Ribbon Bear contest! No better way to get to know bears in the heart of America! The fun starts November 12 and keeps on going through until Monday, November 16!

How do you feel about polyamorous relationships?


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Birthday!

45, Chub 41, Chaser
43, Chaser 47, Chub

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